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Peyton List Age, Height, Net worth, Measurement

Peyton List height, weight and networth

As a young American actress and model, she has become a household name in the show business world. She is one of the talks of the town in the industry, knowing that she embodies a woman whose talents and physical features are undeniably impressive. With her great looks and outstanding acting skills, she has gained much attention from different supporters worldwide.

Without a single doubt, people are too interested to know this famed actress behind her daring personality as shown on the big screen. Now, to alleviate your eagerness to learn her stories, let’s get started. Her age, body measurements, net worth are explored here.

Peyton List as Tory Nichols in Cobra Kai

Peyton List is one of the famous actresses in the Youtube Premium show Cobra Kai. She impressively portrayed the fictional character of Tory Nichols. In the film, Tory embodies the quality of a tough girl who fears no one. She had a massive feeling for Miguel – played by Xolo Maridueña – and when she saw him with his ex-girlfriend, Samantha – played by Mary Mouser – Tory created a huge fight on the campus high school to cut her off from Miguel. Knowing her character, one can conclude that she will do everything in the name of love.

Peyton List as Tory Nichols from Cobra Kai

Peyton List as Tory Nichols from Cobra Kai

In season 3, Tory Nichols from Cobra Kai still holds a grudge against her best enemy, Samantha. Apart from her fights, she also has a struggle she refuses to unveil in public. However, during this season, we will witness Tory’s home dealings and personal life. There is still more to see on the private side of Tory Nichols in this season and to the next one.

How old is Peyton List? Age

Peyton is already 23 years old as of 2021. She was brought into this world on April 6, 1998, in Florida, U.S.A. Currently, in her years of existence, she’s living the best of life as a bright young actress.

Peyton List Height and Measurement

The 23-year-old famed actress has a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.7m). For her, her height is one of the most impressive features she has. And undeniably an asset that can put her on magazine covers. At the same time, she weighs 121lbs (55kg).

Peyton’s body measures 35-25-36 inches; her chest size measures 35 inches, her waist of 25 inches, and her hips of 36 inches. She revealed during an interview that she wants to maintain her body figure above all else through regular workouts, yoga, and kickboxing. True enough, Peyton’s hard work to get her ideal body has indeed successfully paid off.

Net worth

As one of the best American actresses, Peyton List has surely reaped high success, and this success can be equated to fat net worth. She has done various television performances and acted in many films over the years of her professional career in the film business. Without a single doubt, she earned more than a living from her sweat of working every day.

Accordingly, Peyton already has a net worth of approximately $7 million as of 2021. However, apart from this vast wealth, she always acknowledges her true gem of all time – her fans. One can say this renowned celebrity is already living the life she wants for herself.

Movies and TV shows

Like most other artists in the industry, Peyton List started her career at an early age. Her first on-cam was way back in 2002, where she was one of the casts of the daytime television on the CBS soap opera As the World Turns, playing the role of Lucy Montgomery. After two years, Peyton performed for a unique role in Spider-Man 2.

When she turned 14, she had already built her image as one of the great actresses, performing in 10 films and 11 television shows. Among the list is the film Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days, as Holly Hills. Aside from this, Peyton presented her voice as ‘Princess Rose’ in the film The Seventh Dwarf.

She also became part of the various television performances, like I Didn’t Do It, Light as a Feather, Pass the Plate, Jessie, and of course, Cobra Kai. These are some of the wholes of Peyton List’s movies and TV shows; she still has a lot of experiences in the film industry yet stated.

With all of these, it’s no surprise that she gained a lot of appreciation and recognition from different people. And among the grand achievements she got was winning the Best Performance in a Feature Film – Young Ensemble Cast. With all her hard work to go this far, Peyton truly deserves the victories she has now.


The famed American actress Peyton List was born and raised with her beloved parents – Suzanne List and John List. Aside from them, she has a twin brother named Spencer List. For her, having the same birthday as her brother comes with significant perks. Also, Peyton has a younger brother named Phoenix. The actress shared to the press that her family will always play a crucial role in all her undertakings in life.

Peyton List with his Family

Peyton List with his parents and siblings

During her early years, Peyton already aspired to become a superstar. Lucky for her, she truly made her dreams into reality. In 2004, the famed actress made her debut in the movie Spider-man 2. With all her experiences on-screen, she undeniably established a great name in the industry.

Is she dating a Boyfriend?

Apart from her professional screen life, Peyton also has a love story, which she proudly publicizes. She was dating one of the famous American actors, Cameron Monaghan. Seeing them together makes fans and supporters see how they truly look good with each other. Their relationship was made public in 2017.

However, their relationship did not survive until they were grey and old. In 2019, news broke on the internet that the duo has now separated ways. The reason for their break up remained unknown to the public. Despite this, their fans are still within their side, supporting them all throughout their career.

Peyton might not have ended up with the man she once loved; she is still lucky enough on the other side of the spectrum with her striving career. She will surely reap higher and more significant success in the industry like those veteran artists in the acting world in the years ahead.

Peyton List with his Ex- Boyfriend Cameron Monaghan

Peyton List with his Ex- Boyfriend Cameron Monaghan

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