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Griffin Santopietro ( Anthony on Cobra Kai) Weight Loss, Girlfriend, Wiki

Facts about Griffin Santopietro wiki, weighloss and girlfriends

Everyone can be successful. It is always bound to happen if one has a passion for achieving it. Millions of people have already made it to the top of their victories, and among them is the American child actor Griffin Santopietro. At the ripe age of 16, he already built his name in the show business, earning him more than what a penny could give – fame and supporters. Without a single doubt, Griffin garnered various acknowledgments and honors from his professional career.

Given this, it is not surprising anymore that many people are curious about his life, especially the current controversy about his weight loss. Without further ado, let’s grab the chance to know his wiki-bio a bit more. Is he dating a girlfriend?

Griffin Santopietro as Anthony on Cobra Kai

The famed child actor Griffin Santopietro undeniably has many things to prove in the film business world. One of the best shows he is associated with is the martial arts comedy-drama Cobra Kai. He portrayed the fictional character of Anthony Larusso, the son of Amanda and Daniel Larusso.

Griffin is best known for his role as being entirely drowned to video games and food in the show. All his life, Anthony from Cobra Kai has been entangled with this lifestyle. He has always aggravated his father’s request to teach him sports like karate. In other words, despite knowing that his father is a sports coach, Griffin himself shows no interest in anything except video games.

Griffin Santopietro as Anthony on Cobra Kai

Griffin Santopietro plays the role of Anthony on Cobra Kai.

In Cobra Kai season 2, the child actor is nowhere to be seen. As expected, this caused a pool of speculations among his fans on the internet. Despite not seeing him throwing a single punch on the sport, some of his supporters claimed that the whole show does not feel complete without hearing his dry sense of humor. Given this, it can be extrapolated that Griffin is one of the fan’s favorite actors.

However, when season three came time to film, his fans were shocked by his total transformation. Although his character as Anthony did not change, as evidenced in his video life-world, his weight loss stunned the public. Given the secrecy maintained in the set of Cobra Kai, people are still curious about how his transformation in physical features affects his character as Anthony in the next season.

Griffin Santopietro Weight Loss

Looking back to Griffin Santopietro’s image during the Cobra Kai season 1 seemed like a vastly different experience as to who he is now. His 2021 image could definitely make someone have second looks. After years of not seeing him in the movie, Griffin condones himself to lose some weight. And he successfully made it, making the audience amazed at his complete transformation.

During the show’s season 3, although he doesn’t have many screen appearances, his fans still recognized that the Anthony they knew during season 1 and today is almost unrecognizable due to his weight loss. Apart from his appearance, people also commended that even his voice changed, turning into something more manly and deep.

Griffin Santopietro weight loss

Griffin Santopietro before and after weight loss

Some people are now curious about his body measurements. Well, to ease your curiosity, we will provide you with the details. The famed actor is now weighing around 57 kg marking tremendous weight loss with 5 feet and 4 inches tall. Regarding his physical looks, it is undeniable that he changed a lot. He certainly looks sharp, and his charming persona is a plus. Indeed, changes from inside and outside features of our body are always part of growing up, and the famed child actor Griffin Santopietro is one of the best examples who can attest to this.


The 16-year-old Griffin Santopietro was brought into this world in their hometown Portland, Maine, United States, on January 05, 2005. He is a British-American by nationality. Griffin spent half portion of his adolescent life in Connecticut with his beloved parents and two brothers. Before his name grew into popularity, he started his skills in acting way back when he was still nine years old, in which he won the Best Overall Child Actor Award at Talent Inc. in Orlando, Florida.

To this day, he found his journey traveling towards TV shows and films. To jumpstart his profession, the child actor decided to sign with two agencies, such as Carson Adler Agency in New York and Osbrink Agency in Los Angeles.

Griffin Santopietro with his Brothers

Griffin Santopietro and his two brothers

At an early age, Griffin chose his path, and that is towards acting. He challenged himself to undergo a series of acting training and experiences. Lucky for him, he successfully made his name rise and be known in the industry. Santopietro started his professional life in 2016 as being Scott Brantner in the TV show Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda. During the arrangement, the production limited his screen time into two scenes.

The child actor never gave up showing in the various spotlight. After two years, he finally got accepted to be part of the film The Week Of as Jedy. As mentioned, Griffin also appeared in the comedy-drama Cobra Kai which fans consider the highlight of his career. He portrayed the character of Anthony, who is interested in nothing but video games and food. Currently, the third season finally ended as of 2021. Although he only made a few appearances during the show, it is already enough to convince his fans that he is still on the set and expecting to see him next season.

Net Worth

With all these experiences and achievements, it’s no surprise that Griffin became the Best Overall Child Actor Award-winning entertainer. For four years now in showbiz, he earned approximately $49k. And as of 2021, the child actor has a total income of $200 thousand. After a couple more years in service in the entertainment industry, he will have surely reap more than what he is earning today.

Indeed, everyone can be successful regardless of age. It is always a matter of the intensity of hard work and the persistence to go against the limit. Success will likely come along if one has the guts to take the risk, just like Griffin Santopriety’s journey in the film industry at the early age of 16.

Who is Griffin Santopietro’s Girlfriend?

Apart from his professional screen, Griffin Santopietro is living his youthful life single. Sources say that he is not yet into a romantic relationship with his girlfriend, not because he is too young to have it, but because the child actor is still focusing on his career and maintaining it for the years to come.

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